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Intelligent distribution of water to the plants, lawn & tress.


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Rainbird Irrigation Products
Clay Irrigation is a Certified contractor for Rain bird

Rain Bird is committed to The Intelligent Use of Water™. It is our legacy to design and manufacture only those products of the highest value and quality.

Hunter Sprinklers

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of irrigation equipment.

Clay Irrigation uses Alliance Outdoor Lighting

ALLIANCE Outoor Lighting is proud to provide a high quality product

Clay Irrigation uses Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

Leading manufacturer of specification-grade architectural and landscape luminars.





Irrigation systems / Products

Automatic computerized irrigation systems:

Clay Irrigation installs high grade Rainbird Controllers

Clay Irrigation installs automatic computerized irrigation systems to ensure that the watering of gardens and landscapes is performed without manual intervention on your behalf. This way, you can focus on your business and pleasure and let the garden 'water itself'! Using our advanced computerized system and sensors used to inform the system when and how much water to apply in each application. Clay Irrigation installs irrigation products and have a variety of electronic controllers to allow intelligent distribution of water to the plants, lawn & tress.

The type of controllers used for different applications are chosen depending on your irrigation needs. Agricultural irrigation and horticultural irrigation would require different types electronic systems, and we therefore require to visit your garden or landscape to discuss the most suitable option.

In landscaped areas where an advanced automatic irrigation systems is installed can contain 'sensors' components to measure the dampness of the soil and such decide when or how much water to distribute, be it using sprinklers, drip irrigation systems or any combined irrigation system.




Popup Sprinklers:

Pop-up sprinklers help to regulate water distribution

When considering your irrigation system often we recommend installation of a combined irrigation system which consists of mini sprinklers, pop up sprinklers and drip irrigation for efficient use of water, carefully planned by our professional staff. It is imperative to setup a correct irrigation sprinkler system in your garden, landscape or lawn and pop-up sprinklers help to regulate water distribution to the grass, lawn and plants during the hot summer months.





Drip Irrigation:

Minimize the use of water and fertilizer.

Drip irrigation, also known as trickle irrigation or micro irrigation is an irrigation method which minimizes the use of water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters. Clay Irrigation may also use devices called micro-spray heads, which spray water in a small area, instead of dripping emitters. It is popular irrigation solution, and can also be used in water conservation areas where recycled water or rainwater is used for irrigation. Clay Irrigation carefully study all the relevant factors like land topography, soil, water, plants and agro-climatic conditions which are needed to determine the most suitable drip irrigation system and components to be used in a specific installation.





Irrigation Sprinklers:

Control the correct amount of water

Clay Irrigation specializes in installing mini-sprinklers and micro-sprinklers in North Alabama gardens and landscapes. Clay Irrigation has years of experience in installing effective irrigation systems, which includes sprinklers used on farms, golf courses, residential yards, domestic gardens and other places to water crops, lawns, gardens or other plants, and also to control the correct amount of water needed by computerized automated systems. They are also used for recreation or as a cooling system.

Clay Irrigation installs top quality, professional micro sprinklers. We have been installers of irrigation systems since 1994 and have great experience in testing and installing high quality cost effective micro irrigation systems. Clay Irrigation designs combined irrigation systems, tailor made to meet your exact requirements. Watering systems include micro sprinklers, pop up sprinklers and drip irrigation. We use various controllers, simple or technically advanced for our automatic watering systems which control the sprinklers and drip irrigation systems automatically to save you time and worry.