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About Nite Lites of North Alabama

Landscape Lighting by Nite Lites of AlabamaNite Lites of N. Alabama strives to provide unmatched quality and workmanship in the landscape lighting industry with customer pleasing service for years beyond initial completion.

A new home improvement trend has emerged that accentuates architectural features, textures, landscaping, groundcover, brick, stone, and pebbles at night. Homeowners can enjoy more time outside and create an elegant atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.

Nite Lites of N. Alabama landscape lighting uses an array of lighting techniques that not only enhance the beauty of the outdoors at night but foster outdoor safety and security. Outdoor lighting gently adorns your house, yard and garden areas with soft accent lighting to create warmth, atmosphere, ambiance and safety that you, your family and friends will enjoy all evening long.

Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting is typically considered to highlight trees, shrubs, ground cover, and bedded items. In addition, it is widely used to accentuate architectural features of the home, entrances, patios, statuaries, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and other features. As a navigation feature for drives, walks and steps, it fundamentally improves safety. It further provides security lighting without the glare and blinding effects of flood lights.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Lighting around a poolSome of the Benefits of Professionally Installed Low Voltage Lighting include sharper and cleaner lighting which high voltage systems can't possibly achieve. Nite Lites of N. Alabama can install low voltage lighting which will beautifully enhance any outdoor landscaping and architecture using subtle lighting techniques.

A proven deterrent to crime. Outdoor lighting increases safety and protection for your family and friends.

More Energy Efficient - Low voltage, 12-volt lighting systems are less expensive to install and maintain, and burn a fraction of the energy required by high voltage lighting systems, which operate at 120 volts.

Extends your living space to the outdoors.

Enjoy your outdoor living space long after sunset. Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy more hours outside and creates an elegant atmosphere for entertaining.

Professional installation with no disturbance to your home or landscaping. Low voltage landscape lighting is an art form requiring quality, creativity, professional installation and proper lighting techniques.

Superior System Control

Low voltage lighting offers many options for the control of outdoor lighting systems. Photo sensitive controls, timers, remote control and more. The system can be upgraded or completely reconfigured at any time with little or no disruption to the system.